Remote Sensing and Marine Cartography Unit
Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences
Faculty of Geoscience
University of Szczecin
ul. Mickiewicza 18
70-383 Szczecin
tel/fax +48 91 444 24 51

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Coordinator of the Polish part of the project: Kazimierz Furmańczyk, PhD, DSc, prof. US
Main creator: Natalia Brzezowska, MSc
Creators: Joanna Dudzińska-Nowak, PhD, Paweł Andrzejewski, MSc
Technical Consultation: Łukasz Cieszyński, MSc

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MICORE project is a research project carried out between 2008 -2011 under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union in the subject ENV. 2007.

Grant agreement no.: 202798. Coordinator: Prof. Paolo Ciavola, University of Ferrara