Forecast calculated 2014-03-31 for the next 6 hours.

Forecast is calculated each day at 10.00, on the basis of WAM wave model data from the same day at 8.00 am and of sea level model   M3D UG at 9.00 am.
Morphology is represented by the profiles of the Maritime Office in Szczecin, showing the status of the measurement, which takes place annually during the summer.

Beach flooding
Dune erosion
Dune overwash / breaking
no data
no hazard
low level
medium level
high level
on off  
Lowest point on dune crest


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MICORE project is a research project carried out between 2008 -2011 under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union in the subject ENV. 2007.

Grant agreement no.: 202798. Coordinator: Prof. Paolo Ciavola, University of Ferrara